Supreme Air Force 1 (2023) – Review, Features and Opinion 

Are you a sneakerhead? A fan of Nike Air Force One wondering whether Supreme Air Force 1 is worth a shot or just contemplating adding a cool pair of sneakers to your wardrobe? Then you have come to the right place! 

Nike shoes are a well-placed niche in the industry that rightly deserves its name. Consecutively, Nike Air Force 1 is Nike’s most popular pair of shoes. It’s a basketball sneaker that was originally launched in 1982. With its design, shape, and comfort, it has a home in a lot of people’s hearts. This is where the collaboration of Supreme with Nike comes in! Supreme collaborated with Nike on their Air Force Ones and got a lot of people wondering if it is worth buying or not. This is where we have got you covered! Read through our article to find out! 

1. Supreme Air Force 1 

More often than not, brand names sell. We could be buying a Gucci belt just to say it’s a Gucci belt. But you don’t make that mistake! And we are here to help you decide if you should be buying these truly for what they are and not just for what they represent! While we have focused on the looks and its notable features, we have also focused on its functionality and how well it fulfills its purpose! 

The Supreme and Nike collaboration for the Supreme Air Force One is one of the well-sought-after brand collaborations. One of the notable features of this Nike x Supreme Air Force 1 collaboration is that the brands have amalgamated their designs without taking away anything from the original Air Force Ones. They are well known for their style and the most popular shoes from Nike. Owing to their popularity, they have had collaborations with other brands as well. However, this Supreme Air Force One collab stands out with its minimalistic style. 

There are a few notable changes with this Supreme Air force low shoe. The Supreme red box logo is embossed near the heel area of the shoe. Right below is the air logo that marks the authenticity of the shoe. This is a low-top shoe that comes in two different colors; black and white. The white ones come along with the white laces and red laces that have the Supreme logo on white. Contrary to this, the black Supreme Air Force One has black laces with the Supreme logo on white. 

The choice between white Nike x Supreme Air Force 1 is a matter of personal preference. The white pair has a simple, minimalistic, and classic look while the black pair has a classy, upmarket, and cool look. The Nike and Supreme Air Force One collection can be comfortably worn as daily casual wear or you can save this for special occasions. 

Usually, collaborations ruin the original design with over-the-top hyped-up additions that strays far away from being iconic. However, the Supreme did no such thing. The best part about this Supreme Air Force One is it is retaining the best parts of the original Air Force One design. It has a sleek, modest yet fancy style that everyone loves and adores. 

Enough about its looks, let’s talk about its functionality. This Supreme Air Force One pair is comfortable to be worn all day long. They have well-spaced perforations so that your feet don’t suffocate in their confines! The outer is made of leather and delivers a shining, sleek look that catches eyes. The inner lining is made of polyester and the cushioning ensures your comfort. The rubber outsole ensures excellent traction as well. With its high rise padded collar, ankle, and heel support, you can walk in these Supreme Air Force One low shoe comfortably and they provide you a snug fit! 

2. Key Features 

  • Supreme logo embossed on the heel 
  • Air logo below the heel 
  • Nike logo on the midsole 
  • The outer is made of leather 
  • The inner has a polyester lining 
  • The sole is made of 100% rubber 
  • White version has red Supreme laces 
  • The insole has Supreme and Nike logo 
  • It has stitched lines
  • It has perforations for breathability
  • Cushioned insides 
  • It is a low top shoe 
  • It has high-rise padded collar 
  • Has great ankle and heel support 
Pros  Cons 
  • Cushioned insides
  • Good grip 
  • Ankle and heel support
  • Perforations provide breathability 
  • Branded collaboration 
  • Not much difference from the original Air Force ones style-wise

3. Opinion 

As much as you can buy these shoes for their style, you should also consider them for their functionality and durability. As mentioned above, they are comfortable and durable so you don’t have to worry much about them impeding your comfort. It’s a pair of Supreme Air Force One low that has great ankle support as well so you can rely on them to not make your legs hurt after a long day. Owing to all these reasons, with the functionality they are your safe bet (they are famous for a reason after all!) 

Besides their functionality, Supreme Air Force 1 is a pair that is simple yet stylish. With its minimalistic yet aesthetic style, not only can you stand out in the crowd, but you can also be assured they will last you a long time as this pair is from well-trusted brands. The white Nike Supreme Air Force 1 delivers a much cleaner look than the black Supreme Air Force 1 does. Besides that, only the white one comes with red laces that add a cool edge to the shoe. So if you are looking to spend your money on a pair, this could be a really good choice! 

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