Top 9 Smith Machine Squat For 2023 – Reviews, Features, Pros, Cons and Opinion  

The Smith machine squat is used for weight training purposes in the gym and also at your home gym. Squat rack, bench rack, deadlift and so on can be done using the smith machine. Since they can be used for multiple training purposes, they are the most suitable way to enhance your home gym.

Smith Machine Squat

Most of them have a bench and squat rack and you can also do leg press workouts in some of the smith machines. So if you’re looking to invest in one, then you’re in the right place! In this article, I’ve highlighted the key features of top 10 smith machines (that lets you do squat rack and bench and much more!) in the market right now!

1. Commercial Home Gym - Smith Machine Squat

The Commercial Home Smith Machine with squat rack and pulleys is a great way to implement weight training into your sessions. This smith machine has 160kg built-in weights. The pull ratio for the weights is 1:1. If needed, you can invest in a deluxe bench and plate weights which includes a set of (4)45 lbs, (2)35 lbs, (2)25 lbs, (2)10 lbs, (2)5 lbs.

This is a multi-functional at-home gym equipment that can be used to do a lot of different exercises. The squat rack has 12 different adjustable height positions ad the weight limit for the rack is 990 lbs ; for the bar it is 770 lbs. The cable provided in the machine lets you do workouts that strengthen your arms, chest, back and legs. Moreover, you have 16 different height adjustments for the cable as well. 

Brand Name ‎Commercial Home Gym

Color Deluxe Blue

Manufacturer Commercial Home Gym

Key Features 

  • Has a multi-functional purpose
  • Makes use of sealed bearing pulleys 
  • Max weight capacity for the racks are 990 lbs and for the bar is 770 lbs 
  • 2 safety spotter bar to be safe when you are working out alone 
  • Can do upper body and lower body workouts without changing equipment 
  • Squat rack has 12 different height adjustments 
  • Cable has 16 different height adjustments 


  • The deluxe version only comes with bench and plate weights and they offer to install it
  • The instruction manual provided for the assembling of the equipment is sparse. 

2. Body-Solid EXM3000LPS Smith Machine Squat

Body-Solid EXM3000LPS smith machine with squat rack and bench can be used for both light commercial and home gym purposes. A unique feature with this one is the fact that 3 different people can simultaneously workout with this equipment. This body solid smith machine has 7 workstations that includes multi-press station, leg press, pec station, lat pulldown, ab crunch, leg extension, and low pulley station. 

This all-in-one home gym equipment lets you have quality strength training sessions. It’s commercially rated but can also be used in your home gym. The back pads and the arm are ergonomically designed to provide comfort and also ensures you have a good grip while working out. You can target any muscle group in your body with this smith machine – shoulder press, leg press, split squat, upright row and deadlift. 

Brand Name ‎Body-Solid

Color  ‎Black

Manufacturer ‎Body-Solid, Inc.

Key Features

  • You can do whole body workouts 
  • Commercially rated and can be bought as a home gym equipment as well
  • Can be used by up to 3 people at the same time 
  • Dual 210-pound alloy for the weight stacks 
  • The leg press doubles the weight and the capacity is 420 pound 
  • The back pads and the arm pads are ergonomically designed 
  • Back pads and seat pads are adjustable and accommodates all body sizes 


  • The assembly of the product takes a lot time; the instructions are sparse

3. SM-4033 Marcy Smith Machine Cage Smith Machine Squat

SM-4033 Marcy Smith Machine Cage is a multi-function rack that lets you do squats, bench press, hip thrusts and much more. Home gym smith machine is customizable and has different strength building machines that are power tower, utility bench and squat rack. This means you don’t have to switch among machines in between in your workout sessions. 

It’s built with a multi-grip pull bar that lets you do upper body exercises such as pull ups, chin ups and hanging leg raises.  Leg resistance bands can also be attached to the pull up bar. The adjustable seat and bench pad means with this smith machine you can do split squats and hip thrusts as well. The pulleys are adjustable and durable and you can do crossover workouts at home.

Brand Name ‎Marcy

Color  Red 

Manufacturer Impex 

Key Features 

  • Multiple function smith machine for squats and bench press and much more
  • The max weight capacity is 300 lbs for the weight catches and 600 lbs for the bench (including the weight of the user). 
  • No need to switch between machines because of the all-in-one home gym equipment with power tower, utility bench and squat rack
  • Multi-purpose pull up bar where leg resistance bands can be attached.
  • A clearance space of 9ft is recommended around the smith machine 
  • The pulleys are adjustable and durable – can perform crossover workouts 
  • With Olympic bar attached to the smith rack, you can do squats and presses 
  • Has a rowing cable so you can seated row workout
  • The dip bars are removable/adjustable 


  • It does not come with a safety spotter 
  • The pulley set cables twist a lot when you are working out

4. SM-4903 Marcy Smith Machine Squat

Another Marcy smith machine on the list that’s a reliable option for your home gym. The sm-4903 marcy smith machine provides you with the advantage of not having to move among different equipment. You have everything you need in one place! The power tower, utility bench, squat and landmine exercise attachment belonging to the squat rack serves you in several workouts and strength training sessions. With the cable pulley system, you can carry out crossover workouts with no trouble. Designed with an adjustable seat pad and back pad, it’s compatible for users with all different body sizes.

Brand name Marcy 

Color Gray 

Manufacturer Impex-Fitness

Key Features

  • It’s a full body workout machine
  • The versatility lets you use one machine for various workouts
  • Has a multi-purpose pull up bar – can also attach resistance bands 
  • Has a dedicated landmine exercise attachment 
  • Power tower, utility bench and squat rack 
  • Has a cable pulley system for crossover workouts 
  • The frame built with heavy-duty tubular steel construction and finished with durable power coat 
  • Adjustable back and seat pad – accommodates all body sizes 
  • Easy to perform workouts like dumbbells press, biceps curl, shoulder press, bench dips, sit-ups and triceps extension.
  • The wheels attached to the bench allows you to move it elsewhere easily when not in use
  • Has a Olympic adapter sleeve 


  • The maximum height for the squat rack bar is 5 2” which is hard to work with for anyone taller than 5 ft. 
  • The cable pulley is not adjustable


A second Major Lutie smith machine on our list! This is a smith rack that has all four – a power tower, smith barbell, squat rack and landmine practice attachment. With a weight capacity of 1400 lbs, the product weighs 324 lbs which ensures the stability and durability of the rack when you are exercising. The nylon-coated cable pulley system has 10 different height options. It’s a decent rack to buy at a decent price.

Brand name MAJOR LUTIE

Color Orange 

Manufacturer MAJOR LUTIE 

Key Features

  • Home smith machine that has a power tower, smith barbell, squat rack and landmine practice attachment 
  • The maximum weight capacity is 1400 lbs 
  • The squat rack weighs up to 324 – ensures stability and durability of the power cage and your safety while working out
  • Maximum user weight is 400 lbs 
  • Maximum weight for the smith machine bar is 400 lbs, for the safety catches is 400 lbs and for the cable is 400 lbs. 
  • A nylon coated dual adjustable pulley system with 10 various height positions. 
  • Has 10 month component replacement warranty 
  • Decent rack at decent price 


  • The instructions for assembling the product are sparse. It will probably be easier for you if you have prior experience with assembling such equipment.

6. Marcy Smith Cage Workout Smith Machine Squat

This Marcy smith machine is the 3rd one on our list from Marcy smith. The full-body home gym equipment is made with a heavy-duty steel frame and has a durable powder coat finish. Even though it’s designed to be home gym equipment, it’s built like a club machine. The arm press is multi-functional and the leg developer is dual-action. Both your upper body and lower body workouts will not be neglected when you are using this machine. These workout combos in the Marcy smith machine are accomplished through the sturdy Marcy squat rack. 

Brand name Marcy

Color Silver 

Manufacturer IMPEX

Key Features 

  • Full body weight training home gym equipment 
  • Heavy-duty steel frame with durable powder coat 
  • The aircraft cable tensile strength is 2000 lbs. 
  • Dual action leg developer for leg workouts 
  • Multi purpose arm press
  • Line bearing system 
  • Free Olympic weight rack with 6 Olympic plate pegs
  • Pop-pin adjustable bench 
  • Has a preacher curl station where you have a curl handle 


  • It does not come with a safety spotter – better you invest in one because it wobbles a bit.

7. MiM USA Compact Smith Machine Squat

MiM USA compact smith machine is a home gym equipment used for squats and bench press and so on. The home squat rack has multiple functions with patent sliding support, you can safely do a lot of the famous exercises which includes chest press workouts and leg workouts.  This home gym equipment for sale ensures maximum safety for the user with the patented sliding support, sturdy construction of the welding frame, weight bench and squat rack machine. The rolling sliding support ensures smooth glide along the rod and makes your workouts so much easier. 

Brand name MiM USA

Color Black and Red

Manufacturer MiM USA

Key Features

  • Compact squat dip up sit up home gym equipment 
  • Smith machine with multiple functions 
  • Ensures maximum user safety 
  • The roller sliding support system ensures smooth glide along the guide rod and reduces resistance. 
  • Maximum user weight limit is 300 lbs
  • With the weight bench and the squat rack you can do full sets of famous exercises including the chest press workouts and leg workouts. 


  • The maximum user weight capacity is only 300 lbs while there are ones that support 400 lbs.

8. RitFit Smith Machine Squat

RitFit power cage squat rack smith machine has a LAT pull-down and 360 degree landmine. You have a personal gym of your own with this at your home. The weight bench that comes along with this is optional and the weight capacity of the RitFit power cage is 1000 lbs. The frame is upgraded to a heavier duty and more stable one which makes certain your safety and quality workout sessions. 

Brand name RitFit

Color Red

Manufacturer RitFit

Key Features 

  • You get 13 accessories for free with this smith machine: 2 safety bars, 2 J-cups, 2 dip handles, 4 weight holder pegs (come with 2″ adaptor sleeves), 1 pull up bar, 1 T-bar row attachment,1 leg hold-down. 
  • Maximum capacity of the squat rack is 1000 lbs 
  • Multi purpose equipment for full body workout.
  • Has a 360 degree landmine and a LAT pull-down
  • The frame is upgraded to be more durable and sturdy 
  • The adjustable power cage has 12 different height positions.
  • Weight capacity of Olympic plates is 600 lbs and they can be used with Olympic plate sleeves. 
  • The warranty for accessories is covered for 12 months 
  • The general warranty lasts for 36 months 
  • A good rack to use for beginners. 


  • The cable pulley is smaller than it is supposed to be

9. SM-4008 Marcy Smith Cage Smith Machine Squat

Last but not the least, the fourth Marcy smith machine on our list. Marcy smith sm-4008 machine is an all in one gym equipment where you can do a range of different strength and weight training workouts to tone and strengthen your muscles. 

Brand name Marcy 

Color Gray

Manufacturer Marcy 

Key Features 

  • Has a weight bench and a weight bar 
  • Smith machine, pull up bar, cable crossovers and leg developer – all combined in one 
  • Press bar and cable crossovers for your upper body workouts 
  •  Removable leg developer for your lower body workouts 
  • A removable utility bench 
  • The seat is adjustable and has multiple options
  • Four different storage posts 
  • Has adjustable safety stops and bar catches 
  • Steel aircraft cables which are rated to 2000 lbs.


  • The bar is built into the machine and is lighter than standard bars. However, storage for additional bars is also provided. 

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10. Opinion 

Smith machine squat rack bench press is the best addition to your home gym. The all-in-one home gym equipment is easy to use and versatile. Among all the good ones available in the market, MAJOR LUTIE Smith Machine is one of the best smith machines you can invest in. With a smith machine at your home, you do every workout from calf raises, hip thrusts, upright row, deadlift to leg press.

And with MAJOR LUTIE, it has a dedicated landmine practice attachment, compatible with both Olympic and standard weight plates. Furthermore, it’s made for both commercial and home use! So if the presence of a smith machine squat rack is due at your home/gym, then make a choice now with all your needs and important features in mind! 

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