Top 7 Portable Green Screen In 2023 – Reviews, Features, Cons and Opinion  

Looking to buy a Portable Green Screen which suits your studio and works with your preferences? Has the internet left you confused and befuddled at the enormous options available?  We get you! You will find the answer to most of your questions regarding Portable Green Screens by the end of this article.

Now let’s be real, you are not planning to buy something for the short term. If you are, you probably don’t need this article; or maybe you do. You’ll find out by the end of this article either way. You are probably here for the endgame; i.e., a portable green screen that will do most of your work while taking a picture or shooting a video to avoid extra post-production.

Portable Green Screen

Given the current pandemic situation, everything is made online, and a green screen for zoom meetings is also becoming the norm. Rightfully so, with kids and our little GROWN ‘senior’ kids running around the house, we’ve definitely faced the uncomfortable silences following the unfortunate photo bombs! Even just a green zoom background is better than the pandemonium!

Before we move forth with the subject, you should know you can make your own DIY backdrop stand instead of purchasing a portable green screen with stand. You can make one using just a PVC pipe and a few connectors for less than fifteen dollars. This is only if the green screen is stretched right and doesn’t have lots of folds and wrinkles and is lit well. There is a high probability that you’ll get shadows and uneven coloring in the background, defeating the whole purpose of the green screen. Your green screen will not just end up looking awful and it might not work right either.

Now we understand that not all of us have the gift of patience for putting together a DIY backdrop stand for ‘zoom’ *green screen* meetings. So we’ve put together the 7 best portable green screens (with stand) available –  not just economical and efficient, but also caters to your different needs.

1. Elgato Portable Green Screen

The green screen Elgato is one of the best collapsible green screens available in the market today. It has a collapsible chroma key green screen backdrop and a stash and dash design which ensures Ultra-Quick Setup for background removal for Streaming, Video Conferencing, on Instagram, TikTok, Zoom, Teams, OBS.


The Elgato’s wrinkle-resistant green screen is optimized for Camera Chroma keying. The Elgato green screen background is a rock steady solution optimized for camera chroma keying. It’s made up of 100% Polyester, the green screen background transports subjects anywhere in just a few seconds.

One of the best aspects about the Elgato green screen is its concealable design which allows it to be retracted into the hard case – easy to store. It has a user rating of 4.8/10 marking its place quite high on the list. The Dimensions are- 1480 x 1800 milliliter / 58.27 x 70.87 inch (screen); 1645 x 105 x 115 milliliter / 64.76 x 4.13 x 4.53 inch (retracted)


  • The product is heavy; making it difficult to move around
  • While heavy, it isn’t intended for heavy-duty use. The product breaks down after a few months of use making it only moderately durable.
  • The fabric begins to crease after a few months
  • Few customers have found the green screen backdrop to be too reflective and/ or bright making it incompatible for professionals.
  • Few customers found the product incompatible for zoom green screen backgrounds.

2. RAUBAY Portable Green Screen

The RAUBAY portable green screen is of a wider style and is the best for a photo booth backdrop, streaming, conference and for online educational services. Along with a green screen collapsible backdrop, RUBY also offers a collapsible green screen with a white, blue backdrop and a black backdrop.


  • At present the green screen backgrounds are mainly available.
  • Larger size, wider scope: Chroma key backgrounds make it easy to hold two people with its large size of 78.7” (W) x 74.8” (H).
  • Wrinkle resistant green screen: The premium quality fabric- made up of 100% polyester- used, produces a wrinkle resistant green screen that brags stunning resistance free from defects
  • Easily set up: The RAUBAY portable green screen can be easily set up. Raubay portable green screen backdrop stand ensures that the legs are positioned flatly and can be lifted and adjusted to the required and appropriate height.
  • Convenient Storage: Both the green screen and the stand can be conveniently stored by retracting it into a hard case and it can be folded to small size to put underneath everywhere you want. The subjects may be transported everywhere in a moment. However it is recommended by the seller to store it horizontally rather than vertically since the portable green screen can’t stand in balance.
  • Wider Application: This green background can be well used for video conferencing, YouTube videos, music videos, live-streaming, photography, TikTok, or interviews.
  • Rating: The product has a rating of 4.5/5.


  • The product isn’t suitable for someone above 6 feet in height
  • One of the concerns of the customers of the portable green screen is regarding its engineering. The customers have found the hydraulics of the product not strong enough to hold up the screen.
  • The shipping period was found to be long by some consumers and few consumers have received the portable green screen in a damaged condition.
  • Material of the portable green screen was also found unstable, making it very easy to break.
  • One of the major concerns regarding the RAUBAY portable green screen is regarding its ability to stand on its own. A prerequisite for product usage is a wall only upon which the product is able to stand.

3. KHOMO GEAR Portable Green Screen

The KHOMO GEAR portable green screen is a collapsible portable green screen with an extra large streaming portable backdrop setup and auto-locking frame. This portable green screen may be used for YouTube videos, virtual studio, interviews, music videos, or live games at twitch.


  • Premium chroma key green screen: The KHOMO GEAR portable green screen and backdrop stand is highly durable.  It is wrinkle-resistant and made of 100% Polyester; optimized for camera chroma keying to achieve amazing color reproduction
  • Easy set up: This is a good pop up green screen which can be set up and put away in mere seconds. Once set down and legs positioned, you just need to lift the handle to a suitable height, and let the pneumatic X-FRAME automatically lock your canvas in place.
  • Wide Application: This background green screen is large enough to do full body shots. Its conveniently used by photo booths for pictures, for zoom *green screen* meetings, green screen videos, interviews, YouTube.
  • Rating: 4.5/5


  • The product quality was found to be sub-par by a few customers and wear and tear quickly.
  • Transport damage has been a concern for a few users.
  • Customers found the green screen to not be wide enough, making it difficult to use the green screen for zoom meetings.

4. NEEWER Collapsible Portable Green Screen

Neewer portable green screen (5x7ft/1.5x2m) is a Collapsible Chroma key green screen backdrop. It has a 8.5ft/2.6m Stand, a 2-in-1 reversible green screen with a blue and green background panel for studio photography, live streaming, video calls and gaming.


  • Durable and Foldable Pop-up Design: The portable green screen is made up of a durable steel frame which is sewn into the fabric ensuring that it will hold its shape with no creases. This is a pop up green screen which can be set up. The backdrop stand is made up of aluminum making it ideal for heavy-duty use. The support stand can be extended up to 102.4 inches /260 centimeters.
  • Lightweight and Easy to Carry: Backdrop panel is easily portable; i.e., it can be folded up and put away when not required.
  • Strong Backdrop Clip: The backdrop clip is made from metal and plastic making it easy to hold the backdrop without an assistant.
  • Wide Use: This green screen background is ideal for YouTube tutorials and live videos, interviews, portraits, product photography, passport photos, zoom green screen meetings etc.
  • Rating:  4.3/5.


  • The top complaint regarding this product is its color, which was found to be too dark to work as an effective chroma key.
  • Customers found it very difficult to keep the product folded since it uses pressure to expand. 

5. WESTCOTT Portable Green Screen

The Westcott portable green screen is a wrinkle-resistant Chroma Key Green Screen (9′ x 10′) with Grommets and Pole Pocket for Easy Hanging and includes a carry case.


  • Wrinkle-resistant, washable, and reflection-free material: Made up of a uniquely blended matte-polyester material which is thick, durable, and appropriate for machine washing.
  • Wide coverage: This is a large solid color backdrop and is an ideal size for group photography, close-up portraits, product photography, and more. The product is ideal for a photographer or videographer.
  • Easy chroma key green screen extractions: This includes 25 free green screen extractions using CloudKO Lite¨ web-based software and plug-ins.
  • Easy Mounting And Storage: Made with a pole pocket for grommets for wall mounting, and includes a fabric drawstring bag for storage and travel.
  • Rating:  Rating of 4.7/5 on Amazon.


  • The Westcott portable green screen is not entirely wrinkle-free 

6. ePhoto Portable Green Screen

ePhoto portable green screen (10′ X 12′) Video is a Chroma key Green Screen with a Muslin Backdrop and Seamless Background Supporting System Kit with Carrying Case by EPhoto INC 901+10x12G.


  • The backdrop stand extends to 8 feet in height and opens up to 10 ft wide. The width is adjustable.
  • 3 x sectional cross bars and 2 x 8 ft supporting stands
  • FREE carrying case for the background stand
  • 1 x 10 X 12 ft Chroma Key green screen with a Muslin Backdrop
  • Has a rating of 4.5/5 on Amazon.


  • The green screen backgrounds were found to be see – through.
  • Material was found to be too wrinkly.



7. EMART Portable Green Screen


  • The Emart Portable green screen comes with 2 Support Stands / (4 x) Crossbars, 1 100% Cotton Muslin Backdrop – Green Screen, 2 Spring Clamps and 1 carrying bag
  • Multi-Functional: The kit can be used for weddings, streaming games, newborn, children, product photography, video production and digital photography for later image synthesis.

  • Backdrop Support Stand: This kit comes with a professional support for adjustable height (Min 3 ft – Max 8.5 ft) and Width (Min 5 ft – Max 10 ft).
  • Durable: The backdrop stand is constructed with an aluminum alloy for durability and portability.
  • Easy assembly: The portable green screen can be assembled in just a few minutes.
  • Washable: Can be dry cleaned or machine washed.
  • Guarantee: It comes with a warranty of 12 Months for manufacturing defects.


  •  Few consumers found it hard to fold the product and put it back.
  •  The backdrop stand was found to be flimsy.
  •  Not wrinkle-free and transit-related damages were found to be present

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