Top 8 Outdoor Ping Pong Tables In 2023 – Review, Pros, Cons and Opinion

Outdoor ping pong table is now easily available online and trusts us when we say, we found some high-quality picks for your recreational activities or for your professional academy section with our list of the 8 Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables for 2023. Let’s strive to spend more time offline and develop our interest in the fun game of ping pong and table tennis instead of endlessly scrolling through our phones with no productive result. We have listed our 8 best favorite ping pong tables for all sizes and uses so that you don’t get caught up in the endless scrolling again! 

1. Outdoor Ping Pong Table Mid-Size, Table Tennis Table Multi-Use Foldable 

First, on this list, we have this multifunctional outdoor folding table that is made of good quality nylon and aluminum. The base material of this outdoor ping pong table is high-grade wood and aluminum that features a moderate rebound strength. This ping pong table comes with a detachable net as well as a delicate safe locking system for security and storage.

You don’t have to assemble or put this ping pong table together as it is ready to use and hassle-free. This pingpong table can be easily folded and unfolded according to your preference. This ping pong table also features a side porting handle for mobility. This table comes in a medium size, has anti-rust features, and is scratch-proof as well. The steel legs come with leg levelers for a balanced table. Ideal for outdoors, play all day with your cousins this summer vacation!


  • The medium-density fiberboard of this table ensures durability and longevity.
  • The adjustable table legs and suction cups made of high-grade rubber are rust and scratch resistant. 
  • This folding outdoor ping pong table comes with a detachable net, is ready to use, and is durable.
  • This ping pong table has received decent reviews for its maneuverability.


  • This outdoor ping pong table is currently unavailable so the price isn’t mentioned.

2. Butterfly Timo Boll Crossline Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Another on the list, we have this extremely good-looking ping pong table from Butterfly. Comes in a sleek gray shade, this stylish table is made of high-grade metal material. You can conveniently store this table as it has swiveling wheels and can be easily folded. This foldable ping pong table features a single-player playback mode, and a tournament-grade net set for a fun play session.

You can easily transport this outdoor pingpong table and store it in a folded position to save a lot of space. Have fun all day with your peers with this Butterfly Timo Boll Crossline Outdoor Ping Pong Table. It is the ideal addition to your backyard or patio. This ping pong table is a great investment for beginners to advanced-level players.


  • Easy to assemble, foldable, and portable, this outdoor ping pong table is made of high-grade metal and will prove to be durable.
  • This table features a playback position for single play and practice.
  • This gray ping pong table has received good reviews on Amazon so you can go for this one.


  • No cons to this ping pong table set from Butterfly.

3. KATIDAP Portable Table Tennis Table, Mid-Size Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Another portable ping pong table on our list is this medium-sized one from KATIDAP. You receive a pre-assembled ping pong table along with a table tennis net, 2 balls, and 2 paddles. You can also fold and unfold this outdoor table tennis table as per your requirement and save a lot of space in your house. It also has built-in carrying handles for easy mobility. The aluminum material ensures you can easily set this table tennis wherever you like owing to its stable legs. The medium size of this folding ping pong table is ideal for a home or apartment when you need to encourage your teenage kids to get off their phones and play games that will not only be fun but also improves mood.


  • This medium-sized outdoor ping pong table comes pre-assembled. It is made of good quality aluminum ensuring easy setup wherever you want to. It also comes with 2 paddles, 2 tennis balls, and a table tennis net as well.
  • This table from KATIDAP is compact, and functional, and has received good reviews for its maneuverability and quality.


  • This ping pong table from KATIDAP is currently not available for purchase on Amazon.

4. PRO-SPIN Midsize Outdoor Ping Pong Table | Foldable Indoor Outdoor Table 

Fourth on our list, we have this medium-sized foldable indoor outdoor ping pong table from Pro Spin that promises high quality and a blissful experience. This indoor outdoor table can fit even in small spaces, comes pre-assembled, and is hassle-free. Owing to its high-quality aluminum material, this outdoor table is weatherproof, and waterproof ensuring durability and longevity of this ping pong table. It also comes with a table tennis net, post, and leg levelers to ensure stability during passionate gameplay. In addition to that, this folding outdoor table also comes with a 4-player ping pong paddles set and a cover to protect your table from dust when not in use. 


  • This outdoor ping pong table can be easily set up and is made of high-quality hardware. It comes with a variety of accessories including a ping pong table top cover to protect your product. 
  • This ping pong table is the right size for small spaces and has received immense appreciation on Amazon for its sturdiness and durability so it’s a good pick.


  • This table is currently unavailable for purchase on the website.

5. Table Tennis Outdoor Ping Pong Table with Waterproof Net Included

This table tennis table from Xmatch is another durable and high-quality pick. It is a large-sized table ideal for advanced-level players to take their game to another level. Made of high-grade metal and engineered wood, this tournament-size table tennis table has a powder-coated metal frame that is anti-rustic. It can stand any weather. It also features 2 nested halves with 4 caster wheel trolley mechanisms for easy mobility and storage.

The legs of this tennis table can be easily adjusted as per your needs and can be adjusted to uneven grounds as well for smooth and convenient gameplay. This table tennis table comes with a waterproof net for protection, two posts for the net, and 1 cover for storage. The safety latch mechanism of this table tennis table ensures the table is locked in the upright position for stability and security. You can also use the two halves separately because of their independent caster beams. This table tennis table is an ideal option for your garden or patio!


  • Easy to assemble, anti-rust, and weatherproof, this Table tennis table comes with a waterproof cover. The table is adjustable, can be easily stored, and has a wheel trolley mechanism for smooth mobility and portability.
  • Priced at $439, this table tennis table can stand any weather, has adjustable legs and comes with accessories as well. 


  • This Xmatch table tennis table is currently unavailable and hasn’t received any feedback on the website yet. 

6. Butterfly Park Outdoor Ping Pong Table | Outdoor Table Tennis Table 

Another amazing ping pong table pick from Butterfly is this outdoor table that comes in a ravishing blue color. Made of high-grade aluminum, metal, and alloy steel, this ping pong table also has a weatherproof powder coating on its frame legs and net posts for longevity. You can easily set up this outdoor ping pong table without much difficulty and it features an interesting anti-glare 7 mm weatherproof top. 


  • Ideal for schools, sports academies, hotels, and parks, this Butterfly Park Ping Pong Table features a sturdy frame and a weatherproof quality for a smooth experience.
  • Comes in a beautiful blue shade and a galvanized steel frame, one can easily set this table up without much hassle. 
  • This outdoor ping pong table has received satisfactory reviews on the website.


  • This ping pong table from Butterfly is currently not available on the website.

7. Lancaster Portable Indoor and Outdoor Ping Pong Table

If you’re a crazy ping pong fan, we’d suggest you pick this Lancaster portable indoor and outdoor water-resistant table that comes in an elegant silver shade. Made of high-grade aluminum, this table is lightweight and sturdy. The best part about it is the resin-treated waterproof surface that can resist any weather condition when kept outdoors.

You can easily fold this ping pong table and transport it to other rooms for easy storage. You also receive net and posts along with this Lancaster Portable Indoor and Outdoor Water Resistant Silver Game Table. Challenge your family, friends, and peers to endless matches of passionate ping pong games in the comfort of your own space and time.


  • Its easy to assemble, water resistant, and made of high-grade aluminum. This Lancaster outdoor ping pong table is the perfect product to get your family together for hours of fun play. 
  • This outdoor table has received excellent reviews for its sturdiness, portability, and functionality so for ping pong fanatics, we have given you a brilliant option.


  • This ping pong table from Lancaster is currently unavailable for purchase on the website

8. Stiga XTR Series Table Tennis Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Last but not the least, we have the Stiga Outdoor ping pong table from the XTR series that is one of a kind. This ping pong table is one of the best that we can find, owing to its well-built structure, and aluminum top that offers supreme durability along with all-weather performance. You can easily set up this Stiga XTR table tennis table in no time as it comes 95% pre-assembled.

This table can be conveniently folded into a compact position for easy storage. The legs of this table can be easily adjusted as per your requirement and can be balanced on uneven surfaces as well! The table comes with a net and post that can be easily added and removed in no time for a quick dismantle or set up. Owing to the independent caster beams, you can separate the table halves into two for multiple uses.


  • Easy to assemble, waterproof, and rust resistant is this Stiga Table Tennis table. It offers durability, longevity, adjustability, and versatility. As large as a dining table, this ping pong table will perfectly fit in your apartment or garage.
  • Enjoy offline time with your family and get this table that is great for your patio or backyard.
  • This Stiga XTR Series Tennis Table has received decent reviews on Amazon for its maneuverability and functionality.


  • No cons to this product yet.

9. Opinion

If you’re looking for pingpong tables ideal for small spaces, you can check out the PRO-SPIN Midsize Table | Foldable Indoor Outdoor Table which is the right size for small spaces. It has received great reviews for its durability, maneuverability, and functionality so you can definitely go for it.

If you’re looking for superior quality table tennis tables for your hotel or school, go for the Butterfly Park Ping Pong Table | Outdoor Table Tennis Table. It comes in a beautiful blue shade in a galvanized steel frame priced and will be value for money for you. Another great affordable option for outdoor ping pong tables is the Table Tennis Table with Waterproof Net Included, which has powder coated metal frame that is anti-rustic and weatherproof. It comes with an added waterproof cover for protection from all kinds of weather. 

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