Top 5 Leg Press Machine In 2023 – Reviews, Specifications, Features and Opinion  

During COVID-19, many of us were locked inside our homes without much to do, our lower body workouts neglected in the absence of a leg press machine at home. All of us gym-goers were stranded at home, having to rely on cardio workouts most of the time.

Leg Press Machine

Your own personal home gym comes in handy during those unforeseen times.  If you’re looking to buy a leg press machine as an addition to your home gym or for commercial use, you’re at the right place! Here are the top 5 available in the market currently! 

1. Body-Solid GLPH1100 Leg Press and Hack Squat Machine

Dimensions 83 x 34 x 56 inches

The muscles worked in leg press machine are your calf, glutes and quads. This comes with three lockout positions. You can change the backpad positions with just a flip and lock it securely. There are three different leg exercises you can do with this leg exercise machine; squat and calf raise . If you are used to using this at your gym and looking for a replacement, this is a reliable product substitute. This leg workout equipment makes use of a quad track roller system which makes sure the machine functions smoothly. Olympic style plates are far more stable than standard plates so it is advisable you use Olympic plates for this machine.

However, this machine also accommodates standard weight plates. The leg press foot placement  and back pad are sturdy and comfortable as Body-Solid makes use of ultra-tough DuraFirm material, 4” thick that suitably supports your back and shoulder areas. The plate load system under the carriage can be easily accessed and loaded. The hack squat works your glutes, hamstring, calves and quads.  Its maximum capacity is 1000 lbs and its compact and made with ergonomic design which you can use safely and as per your needs. 

However, the foot placement is a little difficult while doing hack squats as the foot pad is narrower than while doing calf raise. Further, if you’re looking to buy this, then you should also prepare yourself to go through the assembling process. A tip which can make it easier for you is to organize all the screws and bolts before starting to assemble it. 

2. Body-Solid LVLP Leg Press 

Another one by the brand Body-Solid. 

Brand Body Solid 

Color Black 

Dimensions 83 x 34 x 56 inches

This is a horizontal one on which you can do seated leg press workouts. The back support is adjustable so you can tweak it to fit your body alignments. An advantage with investing in this is that it comes with a lifetime warranty support. The weight plate holders are 10.75” long for easy storage of the plates. The footplate is made of pivotal design and helps you maintain the foot position throughout the workout. It makes use of a direct drive press system which eliminates the use of other unnecessary parts and helps your weight resistance training be effective and accurate.

You can do seated workouts with the horizontal leverage and the maximum capacity for this machine is 1,000 lbs. Olympic plates can be used for this machine but it does not come along with the package and is sold separately. This is a compact equipment which functions as a calf raise machine too.  This equipment is also approved for commercial use. But you can invest in this for home gym purposes as well.  This simple machine will not disappoint you after you get through the tedious process of assembling it. 

3. SB-LP2500 Leg Press Machine

Brand SB fitness 

Color Matte Black 

Dimensions 63 x 52 x 26 inches

This workout equipment makes use of linear bearing technology; this ensures that your movements are smooth and you can move heavy weights in linear motion with considerable ease. It comes with built-in storage bars along with extra storage bars for Olympic style plates if you’re inclined towards purchasing or using Olympic style plates. Your foot placement while doing leg press will be sturdy as the platform is made durable with anti-skid rubber/nylon coating that corroborates your comfort as well as your safety.

When you are working out, the weights stay firmly in their place and there comes no need for you to constantly make sure they are in place. Further, there are 2 safety lock positions that are intended to assist your safety. Unlike the previous two Body-Solid leg exercise machines, this one’s maximum capacity is 1,200 lbs which is 200 lbs higher.  This equipment is great for commercial use. Consecutively, the back pad is adjustable which aids in suiting various body types. If you’re looking to add it for home or gym workouts, then this quintessential model might be one to catch your eye.  


4. Body-Solid ProClubLine Leg Press 

Another Body-Solid leg machine in the market that’s worth your time. 

Brand Body Solid ProClubLine 

Color Black 

Dimensions 75 x 32 x 72 inches

This machine is simple and easy to use even for beginners. It makes use of ball bearing so that your movements can be friction free and smooth. The adjustable backpad accommodates different body types and is made of DuraFirm material. Like the Body-Solid LVLP, this one also comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty. 

Its key feature is that it is designed based on natural biomechanical movement which focuses on reducing spinal compression. Further, the design also focuses on being ergonomic so it’s compatible with users of all sizes and can be effectively used for your leg and calf workouts. It utilizes four pivot linkage bars that helps to self align the it through the entire range of motion during the  workout. 

The calf raise and leg press workouts position in this leg exercise machine can be  done while sitting. It works your calves, glutes, hamstrings and quads. The muscles worked in the leg exercises can do as instructions on the machine. The upholstery is made of tear resistant material and high density material foam, and can be used without worry in gyms and clubs. Considering its ease of use and efficiency, it’s a great commercial product as well. Moreover, a 210 pound weight stack is provided with the package.

There is no means for you to do a hack squat workout with this machine. If you’re looking for a leg press hack squat combo machine, then the Body-Solid model GLPH1100 would be your best option. 

5. ProClubLine Fitness Leg Press

Brand ProClubLine Fitness 

Color Black 

Dimensions 83.2 x 56.8 x 40.6 inches

The maximum load capacity is 1000 lbs. which provides the maximum resistance for home gym users. There are safety levers on either side of the reclining bench. The foot placement makes use of high tensile material and the machine has a roller system that supports your stability and smoothness in movement. There are a few drawbacks for this equipment however. You cannot fit Olympic weight plates, the storage lever can only take standard weight plates.

It does not have an adjustable back pad. However, the standard dimensions are comfortable to use for anyone within 6ft. You cannot do a hack squat in this machine and calf raise workouts aren’t really recommended either. The biggest deal with buying machines for your home gym is the assembly. Which is why the companies should take care to be diligent in their production of the assembly instructions. The assembly of this machine would be so much easier if the manual comes with more visual representation that’ll help aid the process. 

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6. Opinion:

All the five machines would be a great addition to your home gym. With Body-Solid model GLPH1100 you can do leg press, calf raise as well as hack squat. Except ProClubLine, all the machines support Olympic weight plates. For commercial use, you should probably make sure to look into machines with adjustable back pads so that it’s compatible with all users. The Body-Solid ProClubLine one would be a valuable purchase for commercial use in that case. Despite its drawbacks, ProClubLine would be a suitable small leg exercise machine you can place at your home gym.

For your home gym, make a choice based on your requirement and the style of the leg press machine you are most comfortable with. You can suitably enhance your workout sessions with the choice you make! 

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