10 Best Golden Goose Sneakers For 2023 – Review, Pros, Cons and Opinion

Who are not fans of shoes? Each woman and man in this world has a weird sense of craziness about shoes. Everybody wants to own at least a pair of luxury shoes, be they Golden Goose sneakers. Some people even have a collection of luxury shoes from each brand, but if you have a few brands missing out, then check out this page. 

Here, on this page are all the best Golden Goose superstar sneakers for each category and color. Do not miss out on anything, especially if somebody is already planning to get these. For a sneakerhead like you, one should never miss out on any opportunity or news to get the best one. So take a look at the 10 best Golden Goose sneakers for 2023.

1. Golden Goose Sneaker Francy Penstar Womens Sneaker

Having white sneakers in one’s wardrobe is a very essential and versatile thing. These white Golden Goose sneakers are the best option for those who have been looking for perfect white sneakers. A sneaker that has a great high-top look and is made from great quality leather material. Moreover, these Golden Goose women sneakers is currently available in three sizes – 6 Narrow, 9 narrow, and 10 narrow. 

Each size is priced at a similar amount. Also, it has a lace-up style. Since people worry about the sole the most while buying a shoe, these Golden Goose sneakers have the sole material which is made of rubber. Although there are not any reviews given on this product on Amazon yet, here is our honest review which is shown through pros and cons of the product. 

So, take a look at it given below – 


  • Has a great quality material. 
  • Comes in both women’s and men’s sizes. 
  • Has a stylish side zip-up style
  • A lovely detailed inspection can be seen. 


  • Could not find any con for this Golden Goose sneaker product as of now. 

2. Hi Star Leather Upper Laminated Womens Golden Goose Sneaker

Are you looking for a Golden Goose sneaker that has heels in it and is black in color? If yes, then this black Golden Goose sneaker comes at the second stage in this list. Since we just listed an essential colored sneaker, we could not miss out on black. For those who want a great stylish and infamous Golden Goose look on their sneakers, they cannot miss out on this one. Also, most of the things about this product and the above one are similar including the fact that they both are Golden Goose women sneakers. This product has the same lace-up style, great high-quality rubber and leather material, has no reviews, same price, etc. 

Check out the pros and cons for more clarity regarding this product. 


  • Best Golden Goose black sneakers on this list. 
  • High-quality material has been used. 
  • Has effective side holes to make the shoes breathable. 
  • Has a dirty effect. 
  • Would enhance any look. 


  • The heel might not be comfortable for all. 

3. Super-Star Canvas Womens Golden Goose Sneaker

Got bored of basic casual sneakers? Check out these printed, stylish, and canvas-looking Golden Goose sneakers. These Golden Goose sneakers womens could be delivered to you in a mens Golden Goose shoes form. It has a great maculated print style on its sneakers, and nobody should miss out on these Golden Goose superstar sneakers. This one has four sizes available which ranges from 6 Narrow to 9 narrow. Also, this product is priced affordably again like the above ones. Moreover, it has a pink Golden Goose lace up which would give a very fashionable look. 

Other than that, most of the things are similar if compared to the above-mentioned products. 


  • Said to be very stylish. 
  • Has good quality material used which is rubber and leather. 
  • Comfortable to walk or run in, so it could be a Golden Goose running sneakers as well. 


  • The print seems like unfinished business to some. 
  • Has no reviews again. 

4. Superstar Leather and Net Horsy Heel Womens Golden Goose Sneaker

These Golden Goose shoes can be the ultimate favorite of the ones who either are a fashionista or just shoe lovers. It is called the Golden Goose leopard sneakers because it has a leopard print on the back side of the shoe. Since it is a black Golden Goose, there is no chance that it would not work with anything and everything. 

Moreover, it has a laminated star on one side of the shoe, a rubber sole material, and a leather and net material used for the outer part. Low-top shoes are very much in high fashion especially when this shoe has baby pink Golden Goose sneakers laced up. Moreover, it is priced the same. 

Now, before you decide to either get this product or not, check out some honest pros and cons given of this product below – 


  • Has a stylish and versatile look. 
  • Great quality material. 
  • Has holes which are gold Golden Goose sneakers signatures. 


  • No con found as of now for this product. 

5. Superstar Leather Upper Heel Womens Golden Goose Sneaker

Were you looking for glitter Golden Goose sneakers for a long time? If yes, then hold on to your search right here because this is the end. These Golden Goose glitter sneakers have a great style and the best part is that it comes in white color. Although it has the same similarities when compared to the other four products, this one still gives great competition. The pricing is the same and has the same lace up style, the same materials, etc. The only difference is the Golden Goose glitter star on the side of the sneaker which has a great impact on the look of the shoe. 

Golden Goose products have a specialty of having a signature star on the side, and this one completely justifies it. 


  • Best Golden Goose mens sneakers as well as women Golden Goose sneakers. 
  • Great quality material used. 
  • Has a great look. 


  • Has some grey sideways fireball marks that look like dirt, but are actually a part of the design. 
  • Has no reviews yet again. 

6. Super-Star Lurex Camouflage Glitter Womens Golden Goose Sneaker

There was one time when camouflage print has been all over the fashion industry, and it has not left still as well. Keeping in mind the trend and how versatile the camouflage print is, these Golden Goose mid-star sneakers is the best one. It is highly stylish, and the best one in this list of best Golden Goose sneakers. It has a great camouflage print all over the shoe along with the glitter stars and glitter front happening. 

Also, not to forget the pink back upper side of the shoe making it look like the best womens Golden Goose sneakers yet. Now, coming to the other details, it has sizes going up from 7 narrow to 10 narrows. Also, the price remains the same just like the above products. Coming to the material and the difference between this Golden Goose mid star and others is that it has a rubber material along with Lurex Camouflage Glitter material. 


  • Is the most stylish Golden Goose sneaker so far. 
  • Very much comfortable. 
  • Has the best quality. 
  • Best vintage sneakers. 


  • Has no reviews. 

7. Super-Star Penstar Lizard Print Leather Heel Womens Golden Goose Sneaker

Are you a fan of snakeskin effect luxuries? If yes, then these Golden Goose sneakers could do justice to your choices. This one is not just a women’s shoe, but a great Golden Goose sneaker for men as well. It comes in blue color and has a lizard print all over the shoes which is covered in blue. Moreover, this one also has the signature glittery Golden Goose sneakers star print. 

The shoelaces of it are colored in brown which makes them even more color-blocked and stylish. Also, just like a few other shoes mentioned above, this one has the same baby pink-colored back. The pricings are the same and it comes in three sizes – 7 narrow, 8 narrow, and 9 narrow. It also has a rubber and suede material on its sole and outer part. 


  • Has a dirty effect on the shoe. 
  • The quality is great just like others. 
  • Has a unique style if compared to the ones listed above. 
  • Is comfortable to walk in. 
  • Has a slight amount of heel which would do the job of a heel and a sneaker. 


  • Could not go with every outfit. 
  • Not very versatile. 
  • Has a dirty look if seen in pictures. 

8. Golden Goose Sneakers Women’s Slide Canvas

Coming to the 8th product in the list of top 10 Golden Goose sneakers for 2023, this pink one takes up the stage. By far, it is the second most stylish one after the camouflage shoe. It has a great style that would go on each and every outfit and could be the best white sneakers that one can own. Also, this Golden Goose sneakers women’s material is of high quality just like the other products. 

A big difference in this product is that it is just priced less compared to other products and is available in just size 12. Also, this white sneaker has a great pink glittery effect on its back which goes a bit longer than the ones given above. Clearly, this shoe is not like the others and still ranks in the best position of this Golden Goose sneakers for the 2023 list. Moreover, the style, color, and design of this shoe can give you great support for many years to come. 


  • Is the best on the list. 
  • Has great versatility with the outfits and design. 
  • Best white sneakers anybody can own.
  • Affordable if compared to the other 7 products. 
  • Has a great basic style along with high-quality material. 


  • Absolutely no con for this product found so far. 

9. Women’s Stardan Golden Goose Sneakers

Who does not want or is looking for an OG version of white shoes? The versatility of a white shoe is what drives people crazy similar to the black color. Also, there are many people who want an all-over-white-colored sneaker. If you are one of them, then this sneaker would be perfect for you. This Golden Goose mid-star sneaker has a great versatility level which can be seen as soon as you see the design and look of the shoe. Moreover, this one comes in four sizes – 7 narrow, 8 narrow, 9 narrow, and 10 narrows. Also, it has the same rubber and leather material and has a lace-up style. 

Check out the pros and cons of this product to have more information and an honest review before thinking of getting this one – 


  • Great quality used. 
  • Breathable side holes are given in the shoe. 
  • Has a great style. 
  • Best all-white Golden Goose sneakers so far. 
  • Has great versatility. 


  • Could get dirty instantly. 

10. Women’s Superstar Golden Goose Sneakers

In the list of best top 10 Golden Goose sneakers for 2023, this one comes as a final product. It is another stylish product that has a color-blocked thing going on. It has a baby pink lace-up detail, the back of the shoe is colored in black, and has a silver Golden Goose sneakers style on each side for a small area. Moreover, the star of this Golden Goose sneaker is a leopard print which makes it even more stylish.

The front sleek path has a camel beige colored one and the rest of the shoe area is colored in white. So, clearly, it is the most stylish white shoe which has so much detail in it. Coming to the details now, it is priced affordably and comes in two sizes – 7 narrow and 8 narrow. Moreover, the material is the same – rubber, net, and leather. Also, it has a paneled design, eyelet detailing, and star patch detail. 


  • Good quality shoe
  • Comfortable to walk in. 


  • The design of the shoe is not so versatile because there is too much happening. 

11. Opinion

In our opinion, if you are looking for a good quality black shoe which has heels in it. Then, check out this one – Golden Goose Hi Star Leather Upper Laminated Star and Heel Women’s Sneaker. Although we have already discussed the cons and pros of this product, we still want to remind you that these are of great use and have versatility. So, our first suggestion for you would be this Golden Goose sneaker which is the absolute best. 

On the other hand, another best Golden Goose sneaker on this list is – the Golden Goose Super-Star Lurex Camouflage Glitter Upper Silver Toe and Star Leather Heel Women’s Sneaker. Just like its name, the qualities of this product are long if not endless. Starting with the most important ones – this product has a great style. It looks the best when you compare it with any of the products. Now, before making up your mind, check out more details on it which are provided by us. 

Who is not looking for a great white shoe, right? We have come across the best white shoe that we would recommend you to get. So, after checking out all the products and recommending two, come to another best product here in the suggestion section is – the Golden Goose Women’s Slide Canvas G Star Hi Top Sneakers Pink one. 

Moreover, this Golden Goose sneaker is the cheapest one on the list and the best one as well in terms of looks. It has a great style, great quality, has versatility which would make it go with any outfit, etc. So, you can check this one out as well for buying. To make it easier and more convenient for you, this product has the best style and look. The pricing is good and there is no reason to hold yourself from getting this shoe. 

The other product in this suggestion section would be – Golden Goose Women’s Superstar Sneakers. If you are looking for a product or a shoe which has too much happening over its design, then this is your ideal product. You will love this one and we have already mentioned the fact that there is too much happening. The only con here is that it is not versatile enough, but fashion changes a lot and it does not run after versatility. So, this Golden Goose sneaker would be best for you to check out as well. 

So, these were the top 4 products which we could not resist recommending. Check out any of them and you will love them. 

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