Top 3 Floating Bed Frame In 2023 – Review, Features, Pros, Cons and Opinion 

Floating Bed Frames make your room feel more roomy and airy. The elevated atmosphere it gives to your room can just be the reason that you want to splurge in one. These floating bed frames come in different variations from king size floating bed frames to queen and full sized floating bed frames are available.

Floating Bed Frame

And there are one that come with a headboard and some that don’t. Nexera Nordik has affordable and reliable choices if you want to invest in a floating bed frame within budget! Here are the top 3 floating bed frames from Nexera Nordik you should look into!

1. Nexera Nordik Queen Size Floating Bed Frame

Nexera Nordik Queen Size Floating Bed Frame is a modern looking bed frame that intends to elevate the atmosphere in your room and give it an airy and roomy feel. This queen floating bed frame is made of wood and has laminate finish. The color is natural maple. The floating bed frame design makes it look like the bed is floating a few inches above the ground. There is no box spring required for this bed frame. 

Size Queen

Material Wood

Color Natural Maple

Furniture Finish Laminate Finish

Style Modern

Key Features 

  • It is queen size 
  • The material is wood 
  • The color is natural maple 
  • It has a laminate finish 
  • The modern style will fit the aesthetic of your room 
  • Makes your bed look like it is floating above the ground 
  • You can pair it with different Nexera queen size headboards and make a complete headset (headboards are sold separately)
  • No boxspring required
  • You can fit standard queen size mattress on this 
  • The weight capacity is 500 pounds
  • Elevated 4 inches above the ground 


  • You have to assemble it yourself; for expert assembly, you have to pay additional cost 
  • Only the wood-slatted mattress base is made of wood
  • The components are made of cheap parts for the price its sold for 

2. Nexera Queen Size Floating Bed Frame

Another Nexera Queen Size floating Bed frame on our list! This floating bed frame also comes in twin and full sizes. This queen floating bed frame is made with wood and is designed to give off the look of contemporary style; perfectly blends in with the aesthetic of your bedroom. This Nexera Nordik bed frame is white and has a white melamine finish. You can pair it with other queen-sized headboards from Nexera and create a complete headset. 

Size Queen

Material Wood

Color White

Furniture Finish White

Style Contemporary

Key Features

  • The material is wood
  • Queen sized 
  • Available in twin and full sizes 
  • Contemporary style 
  • Has white melamine finish 
  • Makes it look like the bed is floating few inches off the ground 
  • Provides an airy feel to the room 
  • Can be paired with queen size headboards from Nexera 
  • Does not require any box spring 
  • The weight capacity is 500 pounds 
  • On 3 sides, the platform underneath is recessed 


  • The material quality is not satisfying

3. Nexera Queen Size 400812 Floating Bed Frame

The last Nexera Queen Size floating bed frame on our list. Made with wood, this Nexera Nordik platform bed 400812 might be the bed you are looking for to complement your bedroom. It is black in color and has black melamine and laminate finish. It also has an angled headboard which makes it comfortable for reading and it also has lateral storage cubbies!

Material Wood

Form Factor Platform Bed

Color Black

Brand Nexera

Frame Material Metal

Key Features 

  • It is a platform bed 
  • Has black melamine and laminate finish 
  • The frame material is metal 
  • The material used is wood 
  • Gives the impression that it is floating above the ground 
  • It has an angled headboard for comfortable reading 
  • Has lateral storage cubbies 
  • Has to be assembled by the buyer 


  • Expert assembly costs $200 dollars
  • The only wooden part of the bed frame is the mattress slat base 
  • Does not come with metal but plastic screws  

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4. Opinion 

All three options of the Nexera Nordik floating bed frame would be a good addition to your bedroom. Two minor drawbacks all three shares is that the only thing wooden about them is the mattress slats. However, these floating bed frames live up to their name and provide you with the comfortable bed you are looking for.

For the first two Nexera Nordik floating bed frames, you can pair them with queen-size headboards and create your own complete headset (the headboards are sold separately). However, the Nexera Queen Size 400812 floating bed frame comes with an angled headboard for added comfort and also has lateral storage space! 

Further, when choosing between them, it all comes down to their style of it. Which one do you think better fits your room, your aesthetic, and your style? Go for that one! 

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