Top 10 Creed Cologne For 2023 – Review, Pros, Cons and Opinion

Fragrances are one thing that instantly freshens up our mood as well as our body. We all are in love with fragrances and are in constant search of a great one. When it comes to good quality and great varieties of cologne, then Creed cologne always tops the list. Creed products are known for their perfumes and people love buying from them. They provide luxurious as well as good quality perfumes. Therefore, before you go out for perfume shopping, make sure to go through the Creed perfume collection once. Check out this page till the end to know about the 10 best Creed cologne for 2023. 

Take a look at everything including the opinion section at the end. 

1. Creed Aventus Cologne Eau De Parfum Spray for Men 3.4 Ounce 

If you know about Creed cologne, then you must have heard about the Aventus range because they are the most favorite ones. Aventus by Creed is undoubtedly the best-selling one in the whole range due to its fragrance, quality, and everything. Since everybody wants the best first, this Aventus Creed cologne is a perfect choice. 

This Creed Aventus cologne is a 2019 launch product that comes in the signature bottle and has a 3.4-ounce product in it. It has a woody fragrance that has an animalic significance along with undertones of fruits and white florals. Moreover, the description of this product says that it has green apple, mint, ginger, mandarin, sandalwood, musk, and so much more. 

Before you make up your mind on the purchase of this Aventus cologne, check out some honest pros and cons given below – 


  • It has a great smell. 
  • Long-lasting. 
  • This “Creed Aventus for him” perfume can be gifted to anybody. 


  • Not available for buying purposes right now. 
  • No price given for now. 
  • Said to have only two reviews and both of them are bad. 
  • According to reviews, this Creed Aventus cologne for men is not what you think it is. It is actually a Creed Himalaya rather than Aventus. 

2. Creed Aventus Cologne, 1.7 Fl Oz

After just knowing about a not-so-good Creed Aventus for men perfume, here is another Aventus perfume which hopefully is a good one. It has the same signature packaging as the Creed colognes. It is in liquid form and is for adults. The ingredients in this perfume are the same as those given in the product mentioned above. It has the same woody fragrance as ginger etc. They have also provided the benefits of the product and how you can use it. The best way to use any perfume, especially this Creed fragrance is to apply it on your pulse and not rub it. 

Now, let us check out some pros and cons of the product given below – 


  • Has a good number of reviews. 
  • Says to be long-lasting. 
  • Good packaging. 


  • Although the price is not available now, it is said to be expensive. 
  • Few reviews say that it does not come in a good size or reach them in a great shape. 

3. Creed Green Irish Tweed Eau De Parfum Spray for Men, 1.7 Fl Ounce

When it comes to fragrances, we want our bottles to look premium, lavish, great, eye-catching, and everything altogether. This Creed cologne for men is the perfect example of it. It is for men and it is in a black bottle which looks ever so stylish that you cannot take your eyes off of it. Coming to the other details, this Creed cologne green Irish tweed perfume is 1.7FL ounces as already mentioned. Also, the ingredients in this Creed men’s cologne are alcohol, water, and other chemicals. 

Coming to the actual reviews of it, check out the pros and cons given below – 


  • Looks very stylish and premium. 
  • The bottle is very durable and can be used otherwise too. 


  • The product is currently not available. 
  • This Creed cologne Irish tweed product has bad reviews on Amazon. 
  • According to reviews, it says that this Creed cologne does not provide good longevity. 
  • The scent is said to be awful. 
  • According to reviews again, this Creed green Irish tweed cologne is not value for money at all. 

4. Creed Millesime Imperial Eau de Parfum Spray for Men, 3.3 Ounce

When it comes to perfumes, boys have a very rich taste and something which stays longer. Men’s perfumes are said to be and need to be on point because that is the main thing that men care about. This men’s Creed cologne could be a perfect choice for any man looking for a luxurious bottled perfume for themselves. 

It comes in a gold bottle which looks not a single percent cheap or non-stylish. It is very luxurious and the bottle alone screams rich. The scent is of citrus and fresh kind, and it is not in liquid form. This Creed imperial cologne is a spray form that is ideal for any man. Creeds for men are known as the best and this one would prove it correct. 

Now, check out the pros and cons given below – 


  • Has a great number of reviews. 
  • It smells good. 
  • Is very long-lasting. 
  • Has great luxurious packaging. 


  • Very much expensive
  • Not available for buying purposes. 

5. Creed Original Vetiver, 3.3 Fl Oz 

After Creed cologne Aventus, Original Vetiver is another lovable range in cologne Creed. Again, this one has a great packaging which is in an ombre shade of green and yellow. If compared to the above listed products (excluding the 4th one) this one also has a 3.3 FL Oz. If you love green, fresh, plants, etc, then this Creed perfume for men is your ideal and favourite choice. 

Let us check out the pros and cons now – 


  • The bottle looks rich and luxurious. 
  • Has a great smell. 
  • Packaging is great. 
  • Got good reviews too. 


  • Not available to buy. 
  • It is not said to be long lasting.
  • Very much expensive.

6. Creed Viking Eau De Parfum Spray for Men, 3.3 Ounce

Vikings have a great impact and are very much fascinating to many people. Considering this, here in the list of best 10 Creed cologne for 2023 is this Creed Parfum. This Creed Viking cologne is a great symbolization of Vikings, especially through its packaging and bottle. The ingredients used in this cologne are – Calabrian bergamot, Bulgarian rose, pink pepper, Sicilian lemon, pepper, peppermint, Indian sandalwood, lavender, and a few more. The suggested use remains the same which is not to rub, but only spray the perfume on your pulse point. 

Before you make up your mind about either getting these Creed cologne men or not, we suggest you check out its pros and cons given below – 


  • Has a great unique and luxurious style and design of the bottle. 
  • The fragrance is great.
  • This product has received good reviews as well. 


  • Said to be not too long-lasting. 
  • The reviews say it is a fake product.
  • It is said to be highly expensive.
  • Not worth your money. 

7. Creed Love in White Eau de Parfum Spray, 1 Fl Oz 

Have you ever wanted a beautiful-looking Creed pure white cologne? This Creed love in white Eau de parfum is the best one in the range in terms of smell, quality, and looks. 

Love in white Creed perfume like its name says one would fall in love with its smell if not the bottle alone. It has a beautiful-looking bottle that is tied by a white ribbon on the neck of the bottle. It has a floral smell and the bottle also has a flower embedded in it. This perfume cologne could be used by anybody whether be it a man or a woman. It has a vanilla smell as well along with a floral scent. Coming to the other details, check out some pros and cons of it given below – 


  • This product has received great reviews. 
  • Could be gifted to anybody on any occasion. 
  • Said to be Long lasting as well. 
  • Has a great smell. 
  • The bottle looks extremely luxurious and beautiful. 
  • Said to be affordable 


  • Currently not available for buying purposes. 

8. Creed Silver Mountain Water, 3.3 Fl Oz 

If you look at a vintage fragrance bottle and the ones that are now available, you would see a major difference, but still a few similarities. Although we have not found any fragrance bottle that looks similar to this bottle that we are going to talk about, we have not seen a completely different one as well. The one that we are talking about currently is the Creed silver mountain water cologne. It has an off-white or pure white coloured bottle which has Creed and its mark imprinted on it along with the other details mentioned. 

This Creed fragrance bottle is absolutely minimal yet beautiful and luxurious. It is in liquid form and has a fresh scent to its fragrance. Moreover, this Creed cologne has the same amount of perfume in it as the ones mentioned above. If you are somebody who loves mountain water, fresh, or sandalwood smell, then this perfume is great for you. Coming to its honest pros and cons part, check out the list of honest reviews from us through pros and cons – 


  • Has great packaging. 
  • The bottle looks luxurious. 
  • The smell is great and soothing. 
  • Said to have a long-lasting smell. 
  • Has good enough reviews. 


  • Some reviews say that the smell is not too good and it starts smelling off later. 

9. Creed Original Santal, 1.7 Fl Oz 

Coming to the 9th position in the list of top 10 Creed cologne for 2023 is this Creed original santal one. Once you look at this bottle, you would find it similar to the one we have talked about which had an ombre effect on the front with green and yellow. Here, you would see the same ombre effect, but with red and yellow mixed cream.

This Creed perfume men looks just like a perfect men material perfume. It has vanilla, Sicilian lemon, pink berries, etc where vanilla is the base note and the Sicilian lemon is the top note. Moreover, this Creed cologne, unlike other perfumes mentioned above, has a size of just 1.7FL Oz. Other than this, it has a scent that is mixed with a woody smell, rich, and oriental smell. You can wear this type of smell to both formal occasions, informal ones, or anywhere. 

Coming to the pros and cons now – 


  • Has a versatile scent to it which can be worn anywhere. 
  • Great packaging. 
  • Looks great and luxurious. 
  • Has a great number of reviews. 
  • The quality of the scent has been ranked great. 
  • The smell is long lasting. 


  • The price is not mentioned as well as the product is not available for buying purposes right now. 
  • Says to have not-so-good longevity. 
  • According to reviews, this product is not value for money. 
  • It is said to be very expensive in a size like this. 

10. Creed Bois Du Portugal, 1.7 Fl Oz 

Last, but not least, in this list of 10 best Creed cologne for 2023, the last one is this Creed Bois Du Portugal which ends with the page too. This men’s perfume bottle from Creed looks completely luxurious, vintage, and stylish which practically screams rich. It has a black cap and a clear glass bottle which has a green sticker in front explaining or mentioning the product’s details.

Since ‘bois’ mean woods, this Creed cologne has a woody type of smell that would recall a hike on any land. The volume of this product remains the same as above which was – 1.7FL Oz. Other than that, it also has a rich scent apart from the wood one. Now, let us check out the pros and cons of this product – 


  • There are not too many reviews, but whatever is there are good ones. 
  • The bottle looks premium and luxurious. 
  • It has a great smell. 
  • Said to be medium long-lasting. 
  • Can be gifted to anybody. 
  • Can be worn anywhere on any occasion. 


  • This product is neither available to show the price nor to buy it. So, it is unavailable for now. 

11. Opinion 

Coming to the honest opinion part, if you are looking for a Creed cologne scent that is long-lasting as well as smell great, then choose this option – Creed Millesime Imperial Eau de Parfum Spray for Men, 3.3 Ounce. It provides a great amount of volume as well as has a great luxurious-looking gold-colored bottle. 

On the other hand, you could also check out this product – Creed Original Vetiver, 3.3 Fl Oz. Although it is said to be very expensive, it is a premium perfume. Therefore, this product not only provides a great smell, but also a good long-lasting effect. For more information, check out the pros and cons of this product. 

In the third option, if you are desiring a product that looks luxurious and is affordable without compromising on anything, then check out this product. This one – Creed Love in White Eau de Parfum Spray, 1 Fl Oz. It has all the qualities to make you fall in love with it. Like we already said before during the details, this product is an absolutely luxurious looking one and performs wonderfully as well. 

Now, the top 4th Creed cologne which we would suggest to you on the basis of quality, looks, smell, etc is the Creed Bois Du Portugal, 1.7 Fl Oz. Since ‘bois’ mean wood, this perfume has a great soothing and beautiful woody smell which is very much everyone’s favorite. It has great packaging and an even greater look. Moreover, you can gift it to anybody or wear it on any occasion. So, you can check this product out as well if you are into these things or looking for categories like these. 

Last, but not least (like always), the fifth and final product that we recommend and which we think is the best according to our opinion is the Creed Silver Mountain Water, 3.3 Fl Oz. Most people when they look for fragrances want a calming soothing fresh water around the seas or mountain type of smell. This particular perfume from the Creed does the job for those people. This Creed cologne gives a very fresh mountain water scent that is long-lasting and absolutely wearable on any occasion product. 

So, these were the top five products that are must check out ones that you should definitely take a look at if you want good Creed cologne ideas or advice/recommendations. Other than these, you can check the rest out as well. 

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