Top 9 Smith Machine Squat For 2023 – Reviews, Features, Pros, Cons and Opinion  

Smith Machine Squat

The Smith machine squat is used for weight training purposes in the gym and also at your home gym. Squat rack, bench rack, deadlift and so on can be done using the smith machine. Since they can be used for multiple training purposes, they are the most suitable way to enhance your home gym. Most … Read more

Top 5 Neck Stretcher In 2023 – Reviews, Specifications, Features and Opinion 

Neck Stretcher

Up to half of all Americans suffer from neck pain at any given moment. Necks can be unpleasant for a variety of reasons. They play an important role in supporting the head. In addition to injury-related damage, a number of degenerative disorders can cause stiffness and pain in the neck. Neck pain, however, is typically … Read more

Top 5 Leg Press Machine In 2023 – Reviews, Specifications, Features and Opinion  

During COVID-19, many of us were locked inside our homes without much to do, our lower body workouts neglected in the absence of a leg press machine at home. All of us gym-goers were stranded at home, having to rely on cardio workouts most of the time. Your own personal home gym comes in handy … Read more