Top 5 Baby Yoda Costume For 2023 – Review, Specifications, Pros, Cons and Opinion

Baby Yoda took the internet by storm after the release of the Mandalorian movie. Baby Yoda memes, Baby Yoda costumes, and Baby Yoda obsession are everywhere and it is impossible to escape it. It is true, however, that one cannot escape the cuteness of Baby Yoda, which is why a Baby Yoda costume for this Halloween is one of the best choices you could opt for. Not only will you be cosplaying as one of the most famous characters out there but there is also a guarantee that your costume will be the most adorable one!

There are Baby Yoda costumes for everyone, ranging from kids to adults, the Baby Yoda rage touched everyone and with reason! These are also great gift options for your friend from the Star Wars fandom. If you are looking for a good, valuable, and worthy costume to buy, then you are in the right place! Here we have compiled the top 5 Baby Yoda costumes! 

1. For Us Toddler Baby Yoda Costume

For Us Toddler Baby Yoda costumes is a cute Baby Yoda costume that is inspired by an original movie character. It’s a child cosplay costume that can be worn for Halloween night, roleplay, stage performances, dress-up parties, and so on. The material for this Baby Yoda outfit is made of velvet wool blend. The Baby Yoda outfit is suitable for kids about the age of 3 years. It comes with a Baby Yoda robe and a hat. The sizing for dresses and costumes differ so you should ensure you order the right sizing for your kid. 

Key Features 

  • It is a kid’s cosplay costume 
  • It has a coat and a hat 
  • Suitable for kids above the age of 3 
  • It has a very thick fur coat 


  • A zipper at the back would probably make the wear easier for kids 
  • If it was made of a thinner material, it would have been easy for the kids to get up if they fall down 

2. Robe Factory Baby Yoda Costume

Robe factory Baby Yoda costume is a Mandalorian Gorgu women’s Baby Yoda onesie. It is a full-body Baby Yoda onesie with ribbed cuffs, zipper closure, hood with ears, and pockets. It’s a cozy onesie that you wear for your night in. These Baby Yoda Halloween pajamas combine your comfort and love for fandom so you can have the best of two worlds. The front applique of the onesie has Baby Yoda peeking out from the zipper and the back has an applique of him on a hover pod. This adorable Baby Yoda onesie will also be a great gift for your Mandalorian-loving friend. You can wear this adult Baby Yoda costume every day as loungewear as well. 

Key Features 

  • It is a women’s onesie 
  • It is made of 100% soft-touch polyester 
  • Combines fandom and comfort 
  • It is suitable for adults 
  • It is a full body onesie 
  • Has ribbed cuffs, zipper closure, a hood with ears and pockets 
  • You should wash it in a machine at cold temperature, tumble dry low and gentle cycle 
  • It is a long-sleeved sleepwear 


  • None found.

3. Rubie’s Baby Yoda Costume

Rubie’s Baby Yoda costume is an officially licensed star wars product. It’s a very simple and cute costume for your kid. The Baby Yoda robe is made of 100% polyester material. It is a warm, long plush robe that has long sleeves and attached hand-covers at the end. The Baby Yoda outfit has a headpiece and hand covers attached to the robe. Further, the hood has embroidered facial details of Baby Yoda. Get your child in the Halloween spirit with this Baby Yoda costume. Note: Costumes are sized differently than apparel so don’t choose based on clothing size 

Key Features 

  • It is made of 100% polyester 
  • It has pull-on closure 
  • The headpiece and hand covers come attached with the robe 
  • It is a warm plush robe with long sleeves 
  • It has embroidered facial details on the hood
  • Has light green/yellow color on forehead and ears to enhance the detailing 
  • It is an officially licensed star wars product 


  • It is not true to size 

4. Amscan The Child Baby Yoda Costume

Amscan The Child Yoda costume is one of the best infants Baby Yoda costumes out there. Your Baby can wear this all day long without feeling any discomfort. This costume fits infants aged 0-6 months. This cute Yoda costume for infants has a robe that has a velcro closure and the robe resembles the Baby Yoda character’s robe. The hood that is attached to the robe has the face of Baby Yoda on it. Made from 100% polyester, this infant Baby Yoda costume will not only ensure your Baby looks adorable but also their comfort. 

Key Features 

  • It is made from 100% polyester
  • It is a Halloween costume for infants from the age of 0-6 months 
  • Fits true to size
  • It has a pastel green hood attached to the hood that has Baby Yoda’s face on it 
  • It fits true to size 
  • You need to remove the accessories and then wash them cold; don’t bleach or iron, line dry. 


  • Shoes are not included 

5. STAR WARS Baby Yoda Costume

STAR WARS Baby Yoda costume is a hoodie that is perfect for everyday wear. The fabric is made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. They are so comfortable that your child can wear them every day. The hoodie is lightweight and inspired by the Baby Yoda character. Get ready for your child to look adorable with this hoodie on their shoulders. It has a zipper closure and two front pockets. The hoodie has forehead wrinkles and ears, adding to the cuteness factor to the hoodie. 

Key Features 

  • You can machine wash it 
  • It is made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester 
  • It is a mid-weight hoodie 
  • Has soft, fleece inner lining 
  • It is perfect for everyday wear 
  • The hood has forehead wrinkles and soft, plush ears 
  • It has a zipper closure 
  • The zipper pull has Baby Yoda in his pod 
  • Do not bleach. Tumble dry low. Do not iron.
  • It is an officially licensed star wars product 


  • It is not a costume, just a hoodie 

6. Opinion 

The Robe factory’s Yoda costume is one of the best Baby Yoda onesies available on the market. It is not only cute, and adorable but also extremely comfy. You can indulge in your love for the fandom while wearing the comfiest pajamas to bed. For a kid, the Baby Yoda costume Amscan The Child Yoda costume is one of the best. It is comfortable, cute, made from 100% polyester, and will serve as the best Yoda costume for your Baby. In addition to that, the STAR WARS Yoda Costume hoodie is one of the best Baby Yoda hoodies to buy as well. 

With these options in mind, you can buy a costume that better goes along with your style and needs. Just make sure you buy a Baby Yoda costume in the right size and prepare to make everyone coo over your Baby’s cuteness! 

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